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7 Benefits of  Video Game Localization for the USA

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The gaming industry and community are growing impressively, and much of the credit goes to the pandemic which made people stay in their homes. From children, teenagers, and adults, there has been a rapid growth in the sales of video games and the number of video gamers alongside video game localization.

Although the USA is one of the highest income-generating countries, the Asian regions dominate the gaming market. The rise in demand is not going to stall as per the researchers, and the USA market has a huge potential for the gaming market.

Video game localization is very beneficial for the US market as companies can find a whole new gamer’s community. If you get the appropriate gaming localization services for your video games, you can reach the global gaming community.

What is Video Game Localization?

Some people mix localization with translation, whereas they are completely different processes. Localization is a complete content adaptation to the targeted segment’s language, keeping all the legal and cultural requirements and sensitivities in mind.

Companies must wave off the communication barrier by releasing video game in their language to enter a new market segment. If you want to enter the US market, you need to have all the video games’ details in their spoken language.

According to research, about 60% of the population speaks Spanish, while 34% of the population speaks Portuguese. And the remaining 6% speak a mix of different languages known.

The localization process ensures that all the demographic needs and requirements are met. From graphics to audio, all the video game content is adapted according to the target market—cultural and legal concerns like currency, terminologies, date, etc.

Why is video Game Localization Important for the USA Market?

The translation is not the solution if you want to enter the international market. If you want your business to grow in other demographic regions with guaranteed success, you need video game localization. Localization is important to build trust by making it suitable for the audience, making them feel you care about their needs.

Several video game agencies adapt video games completely for their targeted gamer’s community. When Team Fortress 2, the famous video game, was released in Germany, the video game developer changed and removed some of the violence and action scenes to meet the country’s legal rules.

What are the Benefits of Video Game Localization?

Video games are no more for children now; many competitions are being held on an international level, including many gamers. Video game localization is beneficial for both gamers and developers. If the developer reaches more audiences and increases their profits, gamers explore a new world.

Some of the benefits that the US market can enjoy are listed below;

1. It Can Help you Increase Sales

A video game that is in the English language reaches only 27% of the global gamers. As stated earlier, the Asian regions dominate the gaming market, and therefore to tap into this region, you need localization. China and Japan make huge sales in video games, and to target that audience, you need to communicate in their language.

Other popular countries with a large pool of potential gamers include; France, Italy, Spain, and Germany; they make up almost 90 million gamers’ communities globally. Once you know which region to enter, you should localize your video game accordingly to increase your sales.

2. You can Increase your Downloads

Obviously, an increase in downloads will increase your sales. If you need to get more downloads for your games, you need to reach more market segments. Needless to say that if you want to enter any of the previously stated gaming communities, you need to localize your video game according to their region.

In some regions, most gamers prefer to have a video game in their native language regardless of the region’s spoken language.

3. It Boosts your User Experience and Ratings

When a gamer doesn’t understand your language, they don’t take another minute to switch to any other game. If the gamer understands the game and its language, it boosts the overall user experience. The gaming industry has changed a lot; it is no longer like jumping from one place to another of simple racing on a hilly track; today, the games developed are at a whole new level.

Games let the gamer choose their own narrative, with localization according to the segment requirements; the developer enables gamers to play their desired story. The more languages you localize your gaming content, the more exposure your game will get, providing better UX.

4. Keep the Competition Strong in the Gaming Market

A good and well-developed strategy can help you stay ahead in the market. When you know which area you need to target, the second thing in your mind must be to come up with something unique. If you have something that is already available in the market, chances of getting noticed dropdown.

You need to stand out of the crowd, and for that, you need to bring something unique and out of the box that attracts gamers internationally. There are 2.2 million app stores with thousands of games; localizing your unique content in different languages is the way out.

5. Save Yourself from Embarrassment

Localizing your content can save you from embarrassment; when you reach an international audience, the chances that the audience fails to understand your content get higher. The translation is a simple conversion of words into another language, while the localization is a complete change of the content.

From jokes, slang, actions to terms, the material gets adjusted according to the culture and rules of the country. A professional localization can help you change color, characters, audio, slang, and several other things that otherwise can lead to embarrassment globally.

6. Keep the Game in your Control

It is better that you hire a professional or an expert to get the localization services for your video games; this way, you can control the quality of your game. Several companies have machine translation services that ruin the whole content. By keeping them under your control, you can save a lot of money and time.

7. Better App store rankings

If your audience fails to understand your game, you will face a storm of negative reviews, a total disappointment. You need time and patience to revert from that stage while the industry waits for none.

Whereas, if you get professional services, you get the chance to communicate effectively with your target segment, increasing your downloads by making a higher app store ranking.

Wrap up

OTS can help you solve all your translation and localization services issues. The international market, especially the US market, holds great potential for the video game industry.

If you have selected professional video games localization services, there is no way you will get lost in the gaming market. So, please hurry up and let us help you with the best services.

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