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Reach an international audience by having multilingual website localization services for all your businesses needs. We offer services at the lowest rates compared to market rates, serving as many companies as possible.

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    Professional website Localization Services to reach globally

    Localization is not like a simple translation process; it requires a complete adaptation of language, functions, and appearance for the targeted international market. The best website localization services can help you get most of the Global website localization solutions. It leads you to an endless number of potential customers by reaching almost every corner of the world. Website localization is a key to your business’s rapid and future growth in the long run. Being amongst the finest website localization companies in the market, OTS knows what our clients need to meet those requirements; we have localization experts.

    We develop an effective website localization strategy to bring out the needed results to compete in the international translation and localization market.

    Customized Website Localization Solution

    No matter which industry you belong to, whether you are running an e-commerce site or an automobile one, we offer a customized website localization solution to everyone. With years of experience, we are now a professional website localization company that provides services according to the requirements of companies. OTS website Localization experts are native speakers and possess sound knowledge of their field, and that is the reason for our top-notch error-free services. We, in no way, compromise on the quality of our work and ensure that delivered service is upto the mark.
    Our team of experts develops the most suitable website localization strategy for your company based on your business requirements and needs. Our team works efficiently to localize both the back-end and front-end features that mainly include;

    Services we offer

    • Blog related Features
    • CMS
    • Content (text and audio-visual)
    • Domain
    • Logo
    • Newsletters

    WordPress Website Localization Services

    We offer the best multilingual website localization for your company’s website. Get the most reliable and fast WordPress website localization services to localize your content in the international market without breaking the bank. The translation is important, but if you run one of the e-commerce sites, you need to level up your presence with a well-planned WordPress website localization process. Localization is very effective as it gets higher conversion rates for your website. We ensure that we deliver services, so your project goes without a hitch.

    Professional Website Localization Services for 22+ industries

    We deliver services for more than 22 industries. We provide the best and most professional website localization in any industry, no matter which business you run and which country you belong to. We have a team of native speakers who are well-aware of their field and know what is required to give you the best. Join hands with our localization experts to get the best localization services.

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    Customers are everything to us. At OTS, we give top priority to our customers’ best interests. We are honest, reliable, and secure, and we determine our success with yours. We in no way compromise on the quality of our translated content. All our employees work together with the same aim and goal.

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    Certified translators

    The certified translators’ team gets your content translated into any language you want. Give all your documents and files the exact and accurate translation to communicate globally. Our linguistic experts are specialized in their field and possess sound knowledge of the terms and jargon required for the translation.



    We believe in providing services that are par excellence and affordable for all. You can get all your documents translated at a minimal cost compared to other translating companies. OTS wants to serve all the companies with communication issues, and therefore we have made ourselves easily accessible for all.

    Frequently Asked and Questions

    How can I get a website localization service?

    With years of experience in professional translation services, we have helped several companies get their website localized for any region of their choice. To get the website localisation service for your company, fill the form on our website or call to talk to our representative for any query or detail.

    How much time do you require to localize any website?

    Online Translation Service believes in providing quality content, and therefore our team of experts ensures that the work done is free of any error. We are known for meeting our strict deadlines. If the website layout is small, you will get it done within  24 hours. Once done, it will be sent to you at the given address. 

    How do you check the quality of localized projects?

    At Online Translation Services, we have a quality assurance team. They have a set of quality control procedures; when our experts complete the localization process, the project is thoroughly checked according to those procedures. We also provide a sample before the final localization to check the work quality and style.

    How is the completed project delivered?

    We follow strict deadlines and deliver all tasks timely. Once your project is completed, we will email it to you at the provided email address. For more details regarding your project, you may contact the project manager of that particular order. You may also download it from our portal.

    How much will my website localization process cost?

    The cost is the primary concern of every client, and Online Translation Service understands it very well. We offer the most affordable prices and rates compared to the industry. You can get all your website localized for any region you want at the lowest rates; the rest depends upon the quantity of the website.