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Attract a large number of audience through your easy-to-use and reliable software through software localization services. Our globalized localization services are for all types of industries; we offer professional services starting at the lowest rates.

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    What is Software Localization?

    Most companies are not aware of the importance of professional software localization services because they don’t know what exactly is software localization. It is a process that not only involves the translation of a website into the desired language; instead, it is about adapting the software according to the culture and language of the targeted audience. It involves adapting the standard of measurements, video, and graphics and changes in UX and UI to give a natural feel to the software. You need to get the best software localization services without compromising on quality. We provide an effective global software localization solution to enter the global market easily. We have been helping several companies by providing them with the best localization services, which has made us stand the international competition, ranking us amongst the professional software localization companies

    . At OTS, we practice what is best for our clients, and our team of localization experts adds to it with their skills and knowledge. We know that a well-design and developed software localization strategy is required for the desired outcome.

    Customized software localization solution

    We offer customized-tailor software localization solutions to different companies belonging to different industries. Customized software localization is not everyone’s cup of cake, and only a professional software localization company knows what and how to bring out the desired results. With the help and assistance of OTS software localization experts, you get user-friendly services that let you enter the international market without a hitch. To communicate internationally, both end-users and developers must avail the opportunities that come their way with a well-planned software localization strategy.

    It helps you unveil the potential market across the globe. We localize both the back-end and front-end features; some of them include;

    Services we offer

    • Computer Applications
    • Mobile Applications
    • Procedure Manuals
    • Programming Files
    • Resource Files
    • Software User interface (UI)
    • Software User Manuals
    • Software Specifications
    • XML,HTML database files

    Multilingual localization services

    We offer multilingual software localization to target the global audience for international audiences. OTS offers the best software localization services that will help businesses grow in the future. To compete with the international market and stay up to date with the latest technologies and advancements in world business, companies need to keep up with the emerging trends. With our streamlined software localization process, we deliver you outcome-oriented services.

    Professional software localization Services for 22+ industries

    We deliver services for more than 22 industries. No matter which business you run and which country you belong to, we provide the best and professional software localization in any industry. We have a team of native speakers who are well-aware of their field and know what is required to give you the best. Join hands with our localization experts to get the best localization services.

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    software localization process

    OTS provides services for almost all industries with a team of specialists. We ensure that we cater to all the blogs, e-learning forums, and e-commerce sites to get a top-level software Localization Process. There are several companies offering localization processes but do not meet international standards. We know what it takes to deliver the best, making us the best software localization company with affordable rates.

    Frequently Asked and Questions

    How can I get a software localization service?

    With years of experience in professional translation services, we have helped several companies get their software localization service into any language and region of their choice. To get the localization service, fill the form on our website to get the quote or call to talk to our representative for any query or detail.

    How much time do you require to localize any software?

    Online Translation Service believes in providing quality content, and therefore our team of experts ensures that the work done is free of any error. We are known for meeting our strict deadlines. If the software is small, you will get it localized within 24 hours. Once done, it will be sent to you at the given address. 

    How do you check the quality of localized projects?

    At Online Translation Services, we have a quality assurance team. They have a set of quality control procedures; when our experts complete the localization process, the project is thoroughly checked according to those procedures. We also provide a sample text before the final content to check the work quality and style.

    How is the completed project delivered?

    We follow strict deadlines and deliver all tasks timely. Once your project is completed, we will email it to you at the provided email address. For more details regarding your project, you may contact the project manager of that particular order. You may also download it from our portal.

    How much will software localization services cost?

    The cost is the major concern of every client, and Online Translation Service understands it very well. We offer the most affordable prices and rates compared to the industry. You can get all software localization services in any language for any region you want at the lowest price; the rest depends upon the quantity of content.