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    If you aim to expand your business and reach the audience globally, you need to opt for localization. We offer the best localization services to change any document into a foreign language. Today, companies want to try everything that is profitable for them; in such a competitive world, we are here to provide all global localization solutions for the global challenges your business faces. Localization is not an easy process, and it requires a set of skills and knowledge; we being the best localization company, have it all.

    OTS has a team of skilled localization experts and is well-aware of the technique required for localizing any document. It is not merely a process; instead, there are many steps involved in it, and therefore, our experts develop a proper localization strategy to give you the best.

    The most common localization services that companies today opt for involve a website, app, software, and game localization.

    Website localization

    If you wish your business and brand to be globally reachable, you need a website localization process. A multilingual website requires professional localization services to be flawless. It targets subdomains, integrations, plugins, and subdirectories that efficiently help you enter the international market. OTS localization service is designed to meet all your localization needs according to your requirements.

    Software Localization

    Companies require a software localization process to provide a great user experience and rapid increase to target the international market. It is not like any other translation service which translates your content into any other language. With the help of a highly technical process, we are amongst the best localization companies. With the best and effective OTS localization services, we ensure that your software is being used virtually in different countries.

    App Localization

    If you want to improve your app store ranking and increase your downloads, you must look for an app localization process. A trusted publisher is all you need to get it done as it requires a talented developer. Localization solution is the answer to all app-related issues. From creating a customizing app to providing better UI and UX for your targeted audience, OTS localization service can do it all.

    Game Localization

    To offer a real-time gaming experience to all the users around the globe in their native language, get the most appropriate game localization process. It would engage a large number of players across the globe. OTS localization service helps you attract players from different geographics by providing games in the language they understand. To be a successful game provider on international platforms, trust OTS, the best localization company.

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    Our Localization Process

    Our localization process starts with extracting the file and converting them into the desired format. The selected file is then ready for translation; our field experts and native speakers work their skills to give you the best multilingual localization service. We move on to the reviewing step, where we check all the details like language, terminologies, tones, and others required for error-free content. Being the best localization company, we know what we must offer our clients. The created content is copied to the coded structure to shift to your application system smoothly. And with that, the localization process comes to the final step of releasing. A well-defined and developed localization strategy is what we need to carry out a successful localization process.


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    Multilingual Localization

    Our team of linguistic experts aims to deliver high-quality translation services to companies and clients worldwide. We offer multilingual support in more than 120 languages to localize your technical and engineering translation service. We make you available for users across the globe, reaching multiple device users with better experiences.

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    Certified translators

    Highly qualified translators who are native speakers join our company to serve companies and help them overcome the communication barrier. The certified translators’ team gets your content translated into any language you want. Give your content the words and tones you want your audience to hear and understand.


    Quality Assurance

    We ensure that the service we provide is flawless, and for that, we check every translated document and file. After re-checking, all these documents are sent for approval. All our senior translators verify the work done by the assigned project manager to ensure that the final draft is free of error and mistakes.

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