OTS ensures that all the personal information that our valued customers and clients provide is protected and handled carefully. Any information we collect while you use the website is also safe and protected; we are always committed to protecting you in the best possible way.

This privacy policy applies to

The policy is revised on December 23, 2021

Protecting our client’s information is very important. At OTS, we identify the needs of our customers, and based on that; we let you choose what to share and what you don’t want to share. Please read all the below-written information carefully as this is our privacy policy. Once we receive your information, we assume that you have read our privacy policy and agree with our terms of use.

However, the company holds all the rights to change this policy without any prior notice; therefore, we hope that you read the company privacy policy from time to time to update with any changes.

The information we collect

We require some vital information when you choose to avail of any of the services or for any purchase. For instance, we need your name, address, contact info, email, and domain name; this information helps us create an individual identity. Sometimes a combination of data and essential details like your account number and postal code might also be required. All this information is needed to create a database.

All our advertisers, providers and distributors, and websites that are linked with OTS might also receive your information. Online Translation Service is not responsible for any activities that any of our internet access partners carry out. None of these internet access partners are governed by our privacy policy. We strongly encourage you also to visit and go through any of the sites you visit to ensure that your information is safe and secure.

Request for information

You can also request information about our services and products, support team, and customer services by filling out our online form. In response to the request, we might need some of your personal details like name, address, and contact info to fulfill your request information about the products and services.

Online order security

Online translation services and online order placement are protected with the SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer), which is supported by Netscape navigator 2.0+ (or maybe a better one) and internet explorer 3.0+ or (and better). All your information is encrypted. The user’s identity is confirmed before the transaction process. To ensure that all your info is protected, we recommend that you use the latest version of the browser.

Guidelines for children

Online Translation Services is not targeted at children, and we strongly recommend parental guidance. OTS entirely relies on our users’ information, and it is impossible to identify if the information provided is by a child or an adult. We cannot guarantee that the information received and utilized by our company and internet partners is provided by the child.


We only share information of users with the people within the company. We have never shared any information with any of the internet partners, advertisers, or third parties outside the company without the consent of our customers. If any of our users violate any of our terms, we disclose the information and personal details to take legal action against them. If any user is causing any damage to any person or service intentionally or unintentionally, Online Translation Service takes serious action against them. If any of the legal agencies require any information for good faith, we might disclose them, and to maintain and update our products or services, we also use them.

Use of information

We use the email address of our customers to inform them about any maintenance or issues that our website might be facing. If there are any critical issues or problems that the use of our service might cause, we inform our customers about that through the provided address. Email addresses are also used to send newsletters and promotions.

To analyze market trends and requirements of the clients, we use demographic information of our users to see the product usage and purchase trends.

We do not share any information with banks or processing companies during our billing process. We don’t let them use any information in any way other than what we require.

Information change and updation

If you want to make any changes to any of the provided information, we would like you to contact us to make the necessary changes.


The small box at the end of the page is regarding cookies; this is used by a few of the websites that host with us. Cookies show you the content of your interest, and it keeps your passwords safe so you don’t have to enter them again and again. Before accepting cookies, you might be configured by the web browser that you use.

Contacting us

If you have any query related to our company or services you can contact us.