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We at Online Translation off Education Translation services cater to research papers, diplomas, website content, and other specialized forms of content.

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    Professional Education translation services are the need of the hour for universities and institutes like you. Your website must translate into their language to attract students from nations like China, India, and other Middle Eastern countries. This helps the students and parents to understand the offered courses better. Marketing your educational institute in their language is an effective way to target a larger audience.

    This is why at Online Translation, we have a team of professional translators that possess command over these native languages and cater to other factors such as cultural and traditional sensitivities.

    The information that can be translated through these Educational translation services includes useful information that helps to build ties between different cultures. Professional education translation services hold a lot of value in transmitting the information. Every country has a different story to tell.

    Work with the Academic Translation Services

    Working with professionals gives a sense of trust to you as well. With so many options for translation services, we offer a list of options that cater to everything in your educational institute. Deciding on academic translation services can be a headache, but we make sure to give an optimal experience to all our clients at OTS.  Hiring Educational Translators for translating educational documents is vital. Our translators include every aspect of the written piece that needs to be translated. An in-depth review gives an optimal output that can be easily understood in the translated language.

    Education Content that we Translate

    • Admission policy
    • Cooperation agreement
    • Assignment of credit hour policy
    • Academic staff handbook
    • Doctoral regulations
    • Applications for transfer of credit
    • Portfolios
    • Curriculum catalogs
    • Student reports

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    We know the sensitivity of Education documentation, and therefore, we offer translation services that are 100% accurate and trusted by thousands of people globally.

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    We know what it takes to be perfect; we have a team of expert translators who know what they are capable of. They produce the best translation with confidence and professionalism.


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    Not only do we have the best translators, but we have a great customer support team. Our customer support is available for your assistance and guidance 24X7. Feel free to contact us.

    Education Translation Services in more than 120+ languages

    The key to success is to communicate your ideas effectively. Having a firm grip over languages helps establish ties with people around the world. Our Professional education translation services include 120+languages, which means you can have any educational diploma translated into any language. Our education translators make sure that your document has a high level of accuracy in terms of the translated linguistic.
    We cater to each translation with an in-depth review. Our translation services are easily available for every educational institute. Accurately translating your information is important as educational institutes use many terminologies and phrases not found in the common language. 

    Thus, it is necessary to translate this information accurately to deliver optimal results. 

    Why Choose us OTS

    With our 80 international employees, we aim at producing works that encourage people from different ethnicities to cite different educational pieces and utilize them in their studies. Our Education Translation services Company offers top-notch professional outcomes that will interest the audience. Our translators have a high language accuracy. 

    Our services offer translation schools websites, consent forms, thesis papers, transcripts, school proposals, syllabus, and much more. Whether your institute is at a higher level, secondary, or university, our services cater to every kind. Education translation needs to be accurate. Finding a middle ground with your translated document is hard. 

    Our company is the Best Translation Services Company for educational translation services. We provide top-notch options when it comes to assigning a translator for your educational document. Professionals in the field deliver our online education translation services because every educational document has valuable information that needs to be preserved. 

    Frequently Asked and Questions

    Why work with Educational Translation Services?

    • Easy-to-access translators
    • Convenient 
    • Professionals available
    • More than 20+ languages
    • Accurate translations for every educational document
    • Ensures accuracy of the translated data
    • Each educational document is evaluated
    • Error-free
    • Services come at affordable prices

    How does our System Work?

    Our education translation services for every educational institute works on a flowchart. Each step is evaluated, and a suitable translator for the desired language is designated. 

    What Academic Subjects do our Translation Services offer?

    At OTS, we cater to every educational department. Our professional team is equipped to give high-accuracy language translations that are subject to your needs. We cater to the educational institutes: engineering institutes, medical, law, business, science, pharmacy, and others.