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    Professional Archaeology Translation Services

    The history and past era have many great stories and facts that archaeologists need to explore more for future references. Professional archaeology translation services are required to record the old settlements in the past. The translation service is required to understand and examine the history and past and the ancient remains. With a team of archaeology translators, we provide the most accurate and exact translations services; our translators are well-equipped with archaeology and history knowledge. With their ability to translate into native languages, they deliver the best. OTS is one of the most trusted and reliable translation service companies that is known for producing the desired outcomes.

    Archaeology Translation Services for Different Historical Documents

    Archaeology and history are some of those subjects that are read and explored by different people in the world. We offer Professional Archaeology translation services for different historical documents making it easier for readers and archaeologists to explore and record the past. We have been serving different industries with our excellent professional translation services for different fields and areas. We at OTS, with the help of our archaeology translators, offer translation services for almost all types of historical and archaeological documents and files.

    Services we offer

    • Historical Research
    • Archival Files
    • Medieval Studies
    • Geo-archeology
    • Case Files
    • History Documents
    • Essays and Articles
    • Archeology Newsletters
    • History websites
    • Excavation Files

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    Multilingual Localization

    Our team of linguistic experts aims to deliver high-quality translation services to companies and clients worldwide. We offer multilingual support in more than 120 languages to localize your archaeology and history translation service. We make you available for users across the globe, reaching multiple device users with better experiences.

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    Certified Translators

    Highly qualified translators who are native speakers join our company to serve companies and help them overcome the communication barrier. The certified translators’ team gets your content translated into any language you want. Give your content the words and tones you want your audience to hear and understand.


    Quality Assurance

    We ensure that the service we provide is flawless, and for that, we check every energy and environmental translated document and file. After re-checking, all these documents are sent for approval. All our senior translators verify the work done by the assigned project manager to ensure that the final draft is free of error and mistakes.

    Archaeology and History Translation Services for 120+ Languages

    It is said that history records itself, which is true to some extent because archaeologists have a great contribution in keeping the record and maintaining it over time. Archaeology translation service is required where the history is difficult to understand for archaeologists. With our years of experience and hard work, we have provided the desired outcome for several companies belonging to different industries.
    Our archaeology and historical translators are experts in their related fields and have all the required knowledge to produce the exact and meaningful translation service. In more than 120 languages, we can translate any document or file into the desired language, which helps you better understand and communicate with your desired audience. OTS is known for rendering trusted and reliable services, keeping it completely professional. To get the best translation for your required documents.

    Frequently Asked and Questions

    How Can I Get an Archaeology and History Translation Services?

    With years of experience in professional translation services, we have helped several companies get their archaeology and historical documents and files translated into any language of their choice. To get the translation service, fill out the form on our website. To get the quote or call to talk to our representative for any query or detail.

    How Much time do you Require to Translate any Archaeology and Historical documents?

    Online Translation Service believes in providing quality content, and therefore our team of experts ensures that the work done is free of any error. We are known for meeting our strict deadlines. If the archaeology and historical content are less than a page, you will get it done within  24 hours. Once done, the translated draft is sent to you at the given address. 

    How do you check the quality of translated projects?

    At Online Translation Services, we have a quality assurance team. They have a set of quality control procedures; when our experts complete the translation, the project is thoroughly checked according to those procedures. We also provide a sample text before the final translation to check the work quality and style.

    How is the completed project delivered?

    We follow strict deadlines and deliver all tasks timely. Once your project is completed, we will email it to you at the provided email address. For more details regarding your project, you may contact the project manager of that particular order. You may also download your translation document from our portal.

    How many languages can you translate in?

    Online Translation Service is known for producing an accurate translation for all documents. Major languages that we translate documents in include;

    •         Arabic
    •         Asturian
    •         Bengali
    •         Bulgarian
    •         Burmese
    •         Catalan
    •         Chinese (simple and Traditional)
    •         Czech
    •         Danish
    •         English
    •         Estonian
    •         French
    •         Georgina
    •         German
    •         Greek
    •         Hebrew
    •         Indian
    •         Hmong
    •         Hungarian
    •         Indonesian
    •         Italian
    •         Japanese
    •         Kazakh
    •         Khmer
    •         Korean
    •         Loa
    •         Latvian
    •         Lithuania
    •         Malay
    •         Malayalam
    •         Norwegian
    •         Persian
    •         Polish
    •         Portuguese
    •         Romanian
    •         Russian
    •         Serbian
    •         Slovak
    •         Somali
    •         Spanish
    •         Swedish
    •         Tagalog
    •         Thai
    •         Turkish
    •         Ukrainian
    •         Urdu
    •         Uzbek
    •         Vietnamese

    How much will archaeology and historical translation services cost?

    The cost is the major concern of every client, and Online Translation Service understands it very well. We offer the most affordable prices and rates compared to the industry. You can get all your archaeology and historical documents translated into any language you want at the lowest price; the rest depends upon the quantity of content.