Our Journey

Online Translation Services was found to help all those companies who face communication barriers while communicating globally. With the advancement and increase in the use of the internet, we decided to fill up the communication gap by offering translation services in a different language. OTS was founded to serve the masses.

OTS became a platform where it gathered all the native translators and linguistic experts to show their creativity and skills to help companies with the communication gap—operating from different parts of the country. Since our establishment, we have garnered more than 1k business clients, and with a satisfaction rate of 97%, we look forward to producing 100% results.

Our Aim

OTS aims to increase companies’ knowledge, improve their customer experience and broaden their horizons. Companies can better understand customers worldwide belonging to different cultures and speaking a different language. Language translation services can help companies reach customers far and beyond their vicinity; you never know where you can find your potential customers and market. We came with the idea to help companies find a new market and audience worldwide.

Who We Are?

Online Translation Service is an international brand known for providing translation services to different industries that are accurate, on-time, and affordable. With the combination of AI and human intelligence, we guarantee you the high quality and timely delivery of your translated documents.

With the aim to serve all types of industries, we have created a team of native speakers and expert linguistic translators. All our translators possess sound knowledge of their field and area; we create content that is accurate and free of error. We make a little effort in marketing your business by providing the words of your desired language. Our quality work speaks for the talented team that we have on board.

We have certified translators from almost every field like medical, automotive, chemical, legal, business, finance, etc. We have the right person for your needs, so you get the best solution for your communication issue.

Excellent Services

With the technological advancements taking place in the digital world, we all need to improve and update ourselves to generate revenues. It is important for growth to keep up with the new market trends and beat competitors. Companies want everything quickly; no one has time to see their competitors taking advantage. Our experts, with their skills, deliver the assigned task that is re-checked by our quality assurance department. Within a few hours, according to the demands of our clients, the translated content is delivered to help you succeed in the international market. We provide translation services in more than 120 languages as per the client’s requirements and make it easy for seamless communication between companies and potential customers. We aim to break the communication barrier that most companies and businesses face today. Let us serve you the best to flourish and compete with those in the international market.

Our Credentials

We uphold strict standards that have earned us the accreditation and support of respected international corporations.


Our Clients

Our high-quality services have earned us the trust of some of the industry leaders paving the way towards a better future.


Our Partners

We work with some of the most respected establishments in the world, who share our philosophy of hard work.