10 Fun Facts About the Chinese Language and Culture

Several languages are spoken across the globe, and every culture and language has something unique that the majority doesn’t know. In this blog, you will learn about the fun facts of the Chinese language and culture. 20th April is Chinese language day; the UN established this to celebrate diverse cultures and languages. Let’s look at these surprising facts that you probably don’t know.

Multiple Languages are Spoken in China

There are multiple languages spoken in China; most people think Chinese is synonymous with Mandarin; however, it is just one widely spoken language. Other commonly spoken languages of China are Cantonese, Wu, Hakka, and Southern Min.

Mandarin the Widely Spoken One

Over a billion or more people speak Mandarin in China. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most commonly spoken languages compared to all the other languages spoken in the world.

It is the Hardest one to Learn

As per the United States Foreign Service Institute, the Chinese language is one of the hardest languages to learn. An English speaker takes almost or more than 2000 hours to learn this language.

Mandarin is all About Tones

A simple reason the Chinese language is the hardest one to learn is that Mandarin is the most common language and a tonal language. There are about five tones; four of them are standard, and the fifth one is a neutral tone. It’s all about pronunciation; a slight change in the tone can change the whole meaning of the word.

One of the Oldest Language

Chinese is one of the oldest languages spoken and still used. The origin of the Chinese language comes from discovering the earliest Chinese script, Oracle Bone. It is approximately from 1600-1046 BCE, from the Shang Dynasty.

WeChat and Baidu, the Popular Social Networking Forum

WeChat is a popular social networking forum, and people use it to stay in touch and connect. On the other hand, the most popular search engine in China is Baidu. Almost 72% of the Chinese population use this as their common search engine; they believe it understands their market better than any other.

The Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac Sheng Xiao is highly regarded throughout the country. It is based on a 12-year-cycle steeped lunar year system. The 12 different animals, like dragon, horse, snake, and sheep, are associated with the cycle every year. For 2020 it was a rat.

The Chinese Language has no Article, Verb, or Plurals

There are no rules in the Chinese language; there are no verbs, articles, or plurals. In fact, there is no grammar. A language with no rules yet the hardest one to learn; strange but a fact.

The Chinese Characters

There are two groups of characters in the Chinese tradition. One set is simple, and the other one is traditional. The simple characters belong to the mid-20th century from Mao Zedong’s period to the modern times, while the traditional ones are those belonging to the ancient period.

People of China use the simple version, whereas people of other Chinese communities like Hong Kong and Taiwan use the traditional characters.

Interesting Ancient Chinese Text

Chinese text in ancient times was written from top to bottom in a vertical order and right to left. There were no pens at that time, and people used to write with brushes, so writing from top to bottom or right to left was easier. Earlier, people used Jian or rolled bamboo slats to write.

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